Respect Life Memorial

Sponsored by Pro-Life individuals and organizations for the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein & Montezuma

All life deserves dignity from conception until a natural death.

A Memorial to honor Life has been constructed on the grounds of the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein & Montezuma. This Memorial will allow visitors to the Center and Retreat attendees the opportunity to visit the site at any time throughout the year for prayer and peaceful reflection with God.

Engraved Bricks will be used to line the pathway leading to this beautiful setting. A fountain and memorial have been erected and dedicated to the Sacredness of all life, born and unborn.

If you would like to donate an engraved brick that will be used in the pathway to the Memorial, Click Here to fill out a form.

Donation - $20.00 each brick

  • Donations of $500.00 or more will be honored on an indoor plaque.
  • Donations of $5000.00 or more will be honored on an outdoor plaque.
  • Donations will be used for construction and continued maintenance of the Memorial.

No amount is too small and every donation is gratefully accepted.

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