Through generous donations and prayers, the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein & Montezuma continues to thrive and grow.  With financial support and prayers we are able to continue to help our guests grow spiritually.Recent donations have allowed us to complete the following projects:

  • Renovated the front lobby and added an elevator
  • Renovated bottom lobby (south entrance) to be more inviting
  • Added new lighting throughout the building
  • Almost all ceilings in the main gathering spaces have been replaced
  • The entire downstairs has been repainted
  • Large screen smart t.v.’s have been added to all conference rooms and the Montini Hall
  • Wi-Fi has been updated and the speed for downloads/uploads has been increased.
  • Cable has been added to most t.v.’s in the building
  • The flooring in the Lower Lounge, Fireside Lounge, and Lower Dining room has been replaced
  • The fire system in the kitchen has been updated
  • New artwork has been hung throughout the building
  • 13 bedrooms were repainted and new bedding was put on the beds
  • A deck was built on the pond so that you can sit and enjoy quiet time over the water
  • A new sign was built at the edge of the parking lot
  • A seating area was added in the woods with a large crucifix and wall.

The Montezuma Retreat House is actively seeking donations to continue our progress.

  • How will donations be used?
    • Remodel expenses & loan reduction
    • Parking lot repaving & re-lining
    • Furnishings throughout the building
    • Artwork throughout the building, including murals
    • An outside seating space with a patio and fire pit area
    • Outdoor lighting on the front of the building to illuminate the sign
    • Additional folding chairs and tables
    • Stations of the Cross and an outside path to create a spiritual outdoor space

    Levels of Donations

    • Platinum Donor (Over $100,000)
    • Diamond Donor ($50,000-$99,000)
    • Ruby Donor ($25,000-$49,000)
    • Gold Donor ($10,000-$24,000)
    • Silver Donor ($5,000-$9,000)
    • Bronze Donor (Up to $5,000)

    Example of monthly donation:

    • Platinum ($100,000 donation @ $8333.33/month)
    • Diamond ($50,000 donation @ $4166/month)
    • Ruby ($25,000 donation @ $2083.33/month)
    • Gold ($10,000 donation @ $833.33/month)
    • Silver ($5,000 donation @ $416.66/month)
    • Bronze ($1000 donation @ $83.33/month)

    Example of quarterly donation:

    • Platinum ($100,000 donation @ $25,000/quarter)
    • Diamond ($50,000 donation @ $12,500/quarter)
    • Ruby ($25,000 donation @ $6250/quarter)
    • Gold ($10,000 donation @ $2500/quarter)
    • Silver ($5,000 donation @ $1250/quarter)
    • Bronze ($1000 donation @ $250/quarter)

We believe in God the Creator, His son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, who guides us through the magisterium of the Catholic Church with its scripture and traditions and through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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